This will be a short article, because there is only one real point, and one real fix to this issue.

Why is it people protesting always seem to be young? Especially now with the rise and fall of the Bern, the growth of Trump,  the increase in a cost of an education, and the four game Brady suspension, there’s plenty of hot button issues. And you hear it all the time “the top 99% controls politics”, “the system is controlled by people who don’t care about our future”, “the system is corrupt”, “the cold air deflated the ball”. It’s always the system’s fault. But guess what (and as a millennial), its not the system’s fault. It’s our fault. The system isn’t rigged, we aren’t being silenced or oppressed, we aren’t being shut out. We are being lazy. We as US citizens have two majors jobs, pay taxes and vote. And we don’t do the second part. We can complain all we want, protest all we want, blame every other single person on this earth. But at the end of the day it is no one’s fault except your own. No one physically kept you from voting.

We don’t do the one thing that is key to a democracy and getting our voice heard. Vote. That’s it. Simple as that. Vote. I don’t care if you’re red, blue, purple or any shade in between. I don’t care if you support Trump, Hillary, Goodell, Karl Marx, Bernie Sanders, Gary Johnson, Fig Newton, or Jill Stein. Just vote. I am not saying who I’d vote for or what I believe, and I wouldn’t ask you that either, whoever you are and whatever you believe:

Do you have a driver’s license (you may not even need that anymore)? Are you 18? You aren’t a felon? You are a US citizen? Do you have a computer or a way to get to the DMV? Good, you can register to vote! I just made it easy for you! I just gave you a link! Here, here’s another.

Here’s the worst kept secret in politics: politicians represent and push the agenda of those who vote for them. Ok sure, they push their own agenda, but they make that agenda to get votes. Politicians sell themselves out to get elected, and all you have to pay to be a part of that is a single vote. It isn’t that they don’t care about anyone who didn’t vote for them, but they don’t need to go out of their way to push for them. Now, millennials have the worst voter turnout throughout history of any age group. 

We’ve only once ever even pushed 50% in one presidential election! If you want your voice heard, you have to do your research and vote for people who you support. And look at those congressional turnouts! 20%. Thanks to a thing called checks and balances, the president isn’t some omnipotent super-being (aka Roger Goodell). What he/she says isn’t final (aka Roger Goodell). The president does alot, don’t get me wrong, and they are the face of the US, but they don’t actually vote on bills. The president isn’t the one shutting the government down cause he/she can’t agree on a budget, the president isn’t the one leading a fillibuster, the president isn’t the one trying to push reform bills through. Voting for congress is just as important as voting for a president, if not more. A blue president in a red congress doesn’t get anything done. A red president in a blue congress doesn’t get anything done. If you want your voice heard, you want to try to make real change, turn those Facebook posts, turn those tweets and those Reddit posts into votes.


TLDR; Vote! Vote in congress, vote for president, vote for local and state elections. If you want your voice heard, stop complaining and just vote. Turn those Facebook posts and tweets into votes. Don’t just say it. Stop complaining. Just do it. The system isn’t rigged, we are just lazy.