First off, what is a remix? A remix is any mashup that’s not an original. It is a combination of multiple unoriginal things to make something new.

This leads to a series of ethical dilemmas. If its not the original, should it be credited? Should whoever made the original be given some money? As Brett Gaylor from A remix manifesto pointed out, nothing really is original. Led Zeppelin had ripped off its bass lines from other artists, who was then ripped off by new artists such as the Beastie Boys, Dr. Dre, Daft Punk, and more. So if I took something from someone who stole something, should I have to credit that person? This leads to a series of debates.

They point out how science and technology is a mashup and combination of ideas. The one thing I will say, as someone who does research and reads publications, science is very anal about citing everything. To this, any given scientific publication will have a minimum of 15 sources cited. So while science is built around combining ideas, any and every idea is given credit.

This is the approach I see as the best for remixes. It is ok to use someone else’s work to remix, but:

  1. They must be given credit for it.
  2. You should not make money for something that someone else has made.
  3. If someone asks you to take their work down, you should.

For these, I feel you should give credit for everything. You should not make money if someone else had made it, and you should respect their right to have their work be kept private.