This week focused on remixes and mashup. This was a tricky week as it also related to copyright and those laws associated with it. While we focused on what a remix is, what we also looked at was the legal and ethical dilemmas associated with the use/changing of someone else’s work.

The first I did was the remix:

The one I chose was a combination of remixing a DS106 and “swede-ify” it. While I wasn’t 100% sure what exactly that ment, I figured I’d have some fun with it.

Next I did my assignments:

The first I did was the aging of a character. This just seemed like an awesome one, and while more detailed description is inside the link, this was my favorite one to do and I think it came out well. This was worth 4.5 stars.

The second one was the “this doesn’t belong here”. I chose this because it seemed like one that could be a lot of fun to mess around with. I really liked how this came out. This was worth 4 stars.

The third one was a consumer mashup. I chose this one because it just seemed like an interesting one and I really enjoy editing pictures together. This was worth 3 stars.

The total stars done was 11.5/9.

Next was my daily creates.

My first one was to find the nearest color red. To do this, I was at work and found conveniently a nice red cup that held pens and pencils. I slid it under the index card for coloring differences, and put it over the “smile” picture someone else drew.

The second was  the poem reading. I chose Shel Silverstein’s “Where the Sidewalk Ends”. I really enjoyed this poem as a child and it always ment alot to me (along with his “The Giving Tree”).