These weeks were focused on us making our own videos.

For this I did 5 daily creates:

  1. The meaning of life. For this, I wanted to really portray the meaning of 42: there is no meaning. And if there was, do we really want to know it?
  2. The song cover. I used Microsoft Powerpoint, found a good picture of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel (my hometown) to show the bridge over water, and I added a sailtboat with a silver girl on it and shadow behind to represent the songs. I edited them all together using Powerpoint.
  3. Lyric Poster. I chose to use “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar because I use this song to get through the stressful times in my life, it is a great song about making it through tough times. I found an urban sunrise to show that new times were coming, and I made the font a graffiti font to show the urban setting. I did this in Microsoft Powerpoint.
  4. Barriers. I found an old picture I had of my dog on my front porch. The railing makes a great barrier almost like bars in a jail.
  5.  Extraordinary. I may have geeked out quite a bit, but I think the post says how I feel.

For a total of 5 daily creates.

I also did the mandatory assignment of the conversation with myself. The post explains how I made it and why I did it how I did it.

I did 5 video assignments:

  1. Silent Scene (4.5 Stars)
  2. Frame a Scene (2.5 Stars)
  3. Movie Bikini (4.5 Stars)
  4. Team Pump up Video (4.5 Stars)
  5. The Power of a Second (2.5 Stars)

For a total of 18.5 stars/16 stars.

Over this week, I found out how to translate what I learned in watching movies into making movies. I learned how to use timing, audio cues, visual cues, and movement to make better quality film. I also got much much more comfortable with Movie Maker. Throughout using it for the week, I feel much more comftorable with Movie Maker than I did before, and it even shows throughout the movies I made this week. I also was able to manage my time much better, while I uploaded everything this weekend, I made the videos/set up the videos to make throughout the week and I feel as though it translates to better quality.