This week the focus was on video. I think rather than learning alot this week, the benefit I got this week was more along the lines of a new mindset. I always used to be of the opinion that I just want to watch a movie to enjoy myself and get away from life for a few hours, and screw the in depth analysis. However, someone has gotta do it. All of this subconscious stuff like lighting, movement, and dialogue is what makes me enjoy the movie and someone has to be the one to make sure it is in there. And because of that, if someone goes through all that work to make sure the writing is just right, or the camera moves just perfectly, and the spacing in the wording is on beat, shouldn’t I appreciate that? Shouldn’t I respect that work? And at the end this appreciation of the little details is what makes me enjoy film even more. Knowing the details and care that went into it makes the process much more enjoyable. Along with this, however I did find a new software to download youtube videos, and get more comfortable with MovieMaker.

This week, I first did a review on Ebert’s How to Read a Movie, and on several film reviews on movie techniques. These were very inspiring to  show the amount of care and detail put into movies.

Next, I did my own review of the opening scene from “The Newsroom.” I chose this because I really enjoyed the show, and thought every little detail in this perfectly set up the entire show.

I then did the daily assignments. The first I did was the celebrity highlight tape, which was worth 3 stars. I chose this one because it looked interesting, and after the athlete highlight tape, I was just in the mood. The second one I did was the athlete highlight tape. I chose this because, after watching the Rugby World Cup I was in the mood, and wanted a highlight tape that was just good music and action.

The first daily create I did was the special place one. I chose the rugby pitch because it, while annoying me and stressing me out beyond belief at times, is the place I can go and just forget about everything else. The rugby pitch has always been the place I can just go and ignore all the others stresses that come with my major in college and life. The next one I did was the cartoon yourself picture. I took a picture of myself, screenshotted it to have a second, and cropped it on separate halves. I then used my phone editor to change the effects on one of them to “sketch,” and lined them up using the studio collage editor.