These two weeks the main focus was the radio show. Overall, I think we worked pretty well. Kelsey sent an email, and once the ball got rolling and we started working we were able to quickly set up a meeting and assign parts. Kelsey and I chose the story because we knew each other and could work together, and I am very happy with how it turned out. While our show certainly has room for improvement, considering it was made using non-professional quality equipment without studios I think we got the message through pretty well. We wanted to make a halloween episode considering the time of year, and I think we really hit a good job of going at Halloween from all angles, and considering cats and 9 lives was our title, the theme of hitting it from all angles worked out well. For more background and stories, here is my post.

I also did two audio assignments. The post is here. but I enjoyed them alot. The Ric Flair answering machine was probably my favorite audio report to do, and I had a lot of fun with it.

Unfortunately, I only did one daily create. I completely focused on the radio show and midterms for my first week (planning on doing the daily creates the second week), and that did not work out as I hoped it would. Overall, I was feeling exactly how that picture shows considering midterms week and various projects going on in different classes.

Overall, I feel much better about using Audacity than I did two weeks ago even. I feel as though I can edit, record audio, and sync audio much quicker and more effectively than I could before. I am now able to use different effects, and time things specifically to certain audio segments. While two weeks ago I felt completely comfortable using Audacity, I now feel much, much better.

Overall, I am feeling much better than I was in the last daily create. I met with my advisor, and am now motivated to get it together, and try to come out of this semester with atleast a 3.0!