Design week! The first thing I did were the design assignments. The first I did was the crime scene. The write up is in the post, but I chose this one because I love watching crime shows and I figured it wouldn’t be terrible difficult and fun to do. This was worth 3 stars. The second one was the trading card one, and was worth 4 stars. I chose this because it looked like an interesting concept and a challenge. The next one I did was the motivational poster. This was worth only 1 star but I chose it because I really like quotes and it gave a good opportunity. The next one I did was the big words one. It was pretty fun, and mostly they just looked cool. Finally I did the minimalist poster. This was worth three stars and I enjoyed because I like making posters.

I then did the love story assignment which was mandatory. I’m not emotional, and I don’t do love stories. So while this was hard, this was also a challenge which I enjoyed. Not my best work, but I enjoyed the process.

I then did the designblitz. I liked this because it made me look for new things in a place I visit alot that I hadn’t noticed before.

Finally, was the daily creates, The first was what we bought. It was a good thing I went to Hometeam for dinner, because that was all I bought. I used Microsoft PowerPoint’s shapes to make the hamburger. The second was through the window. I took mine outside of the SAE suite where I work. I felt as though it was a good picture because the rain on the windows looked pretty cool. The last was about what I would choose to take to a toy story. I had to go with Aquaman, he is the underdog that deserves the win.

For the radio project my group emailed back and forth and came up with a group name.