I really enjoyed this assignment as this gave me a chance to find a quote I really enjoyed, and make something out of it. The quote I chose to use was one that has inspired me throughout my research and has kept me motivated to figure things out. It is also great to use when people just assume something is bad because they don’t get it. This quote has been important to me because of this.

So now that I had the quote, I had to find a background. I figured we all get confused and frustrated in school. Might as well find a picture that relates that. I ended up going with a chalk board with some mathematics/calculus/magic that is hard to understand, and used the smudge tool in GIMP to make the top appear like it was erased. I used white font and comic sans (appropriate for any occasion) to make it look like it was written on the chalkboard.

This assignment was worth 1 star.