For the digital storytelling excersize: “Storytelling within the Web” I used the google X-Ray goggles to use. I practiced around a little bit, by just using random websites to see which would work the best. I ended up deciding to do a fake news site, like “The Onion” on CNN. I chose CNN because it is a pretty simple and standard format.

To change the headlines, I simply clicked on the text, retyped the headline, and clicked update.

To come up with the headlines, I used “Whose Line is it Anyways?” and Colin Mocherie’s headlines he does in a bit they have called “Weird Newscasters.” I went and looked up a bunch of his puns he always does, and brought them to life using this process. I changed some of them to fit, and at the end used GIMP to add the picture of Flipper in. cnn2