Starsky and Hutch is a great American odyssey of Steinback quality. It is centered around two very different police officers (Starsky and Hutch), and their trials and tribulations as they deal with becoming partners and solving crime. Because it is such a detailed and complex epic, the movie goes through multiple phases of positive and negative, as shown below:



A digital story I found in GIF form is this:

Dog Rescue

I consider this a digital story because it is being told through video, gif, pictures, and words all together. I selected this because it fits almost perfectly the Cinderella plot except for the second drop of sadness. This is a story that just gets more positive through time and makes me happy.








I really liked this style of how a story plot goes, because it creates a simple graph that shows what people like and can categorize a lot of things. This simple algorithm can show what people like and categorize a movie.
I also really liked the second video (especially as a neuroscience minor), because it basically showed a scientifically proven way to tell a story to get the most reaction out of people. And that seems like a very powerful tool to have.