I chose this assignment because I noticed this while working on my research project. I found it perfect and its something in a not obvious way. Excuse me while I geek out real quick.

What you are seeing in this video is a bunch of cells. These cells are Jurkat T-Lymphocytes, meaning they are cancerous white blood cells, that came from a 14 year old boy with the last name “Jurkat” back in the 70s and are now an “immortalized” line. First thing to geek out about: these cells are coming from someone who died back in 1970. These cells we are looking at right now came from someone who died 40 years ago. These are undergoing a process called “apoptosis” essentially: programmed cell death. These cells kill themselves because there is some form of error (could cause cancer and much more), and so they kill themselves to save the organism, and we are seeing it. Geek out point 2.  What you see are cells, and they show three different things. The first picture is just the cells. The second are cells WITH a healthy mitochondria, meaning they have not gone through this process yet, or are just starting. The third are cells using enzymes that ARE used in this process, meaning they are undergoing this process. We can get three different views of the process all at once. That’s pretty darn cool.

I used my phone to record this video, and uploaded it to youtube.

This assignment was worth 2.5 stars.