I chose this assignment because it looked fun, and challenging. I figured this would be a good test for me.

I chose the Cranberry Juice scene from “The Departed” because in terms of longer scenes with dialogue, this fit the bill perfectly. Along with this, I wanted a contrast of a big fighting scene and lots of inapropriate words being thrown, with a silent movie (where that typically didn’t happen).

To make this, I downloaded the scene from YouTube using the “clipgrab” software. I then placed this into MovieMaker (for windows), and cut the video everytime there was a stopping point after dialogue. I then inserted a title slide with what was said, and set it to the appropriate time for the amount of writing. I then added a title slide and a credit slide, and set them all to an old-timey font. I then muted everything, and inserted a classic old-timey music track I found off of youtube and downloaded using youtube-mp3.com.

I hope you enjoy!

This was worth 4.5 stars.