I chose this assignment because I enjoy making sports highlight videos, as I like using them to motivate me before games.

I kept multiple things in mind while making this assignment, the first is the team I chose. I chose the New Zealand All Blacks because in my head the thought of starting out with their “Haka” just made a perfect introduction to a pump up video. Along with this, I decided to choose a theme. Seeing as they have the history they have, and they just won the Rugby World Cup once again, I chose to do it as old and new. I mixed in highlights with their newest stars and newest trophy, and their old star that was arguably the first big rugby celebrity: Jonah Lomu. I chose “Thunderstruck” by ACDC because it seemed to be a great pump up song and kept the emotions high throughout the entire song.

I used “clipgrab” to take different videos of them playing from youtube, and put them into Movie Maker. I used youtube-mp3.com to download the song, and I edited the best clips all together and put the song in on Movie Maker. I then rearranged them to keep the contrast of old vs. new in every highlight.


This assignment was worth 4.5 stars.