Overall I liked this. I thought it was interesting how they took frankly uninteresting stories (like dentures) and made it interesting.

I really enjoyed and was impressed with how they were able to make their voices so clear over the background music, there was some background noise, but their voices were always clear and distinct from both the noise and the music.

I liked the commercials, they reminded me of classic, traditional commercials you’d hear on a radio show and I thought they were very well made.

The show seemed to have a clear structure, and would have a long segment followed by a “lightning round.” I really enjoyed the lightning round and loved hearing all those facts so quickly. The voices together sinked pretty well, there were some choppy parts but overall it sounded pretty smooth. I think some of the background information could have been cut out, but overall it hit the time limit and conveyed the story pretty well.

I enjoyed this, and while it did not add a sense of drama, that didn’t seem to be the purpose as the purpose was to get the listener interested in some weird history of common things, which it did well.

I would give this 4/5 stars.