Overall, I really liked our podcast. I know I am very biased here, but I know the time Kelsey and I put into the story section and I am very happy with the result! There was some background noise, and it got choppy at a few points, but overall I loved the stories, the how the background effects amplified the stories, and how it all flowed together. I was extremely happy with it.

As for the overall podcast, I really liked it. I thought it was very fitting to the season, and I was interested in it the whole time and I kept wanting to hear more. I felt our sections flowed together smoothly, our bumpers and commercials were good, and we did a very good job organizing the show into sections.

The only issues I have our that sometimes it was hard to hear our voices over the background noise, but overall I liked it alot.

It had me hooked and was certainly dramatic, I would give it 4/5 stars.