For these remixes, I ended up clicking through a couple until I found one that made sense to do. I got the assignment was to remix “DS106 Bumper Sticker,” but “swede-it.” I am not quite hip to the new lingo, but it struck me as to make it swedish(?).

So I made a swedish DS106 Bumper Sticker!

To do this, I used solely Microsoft PowerPoint, and made text boxes and lines of heavy weight to make the shape of the sticker. I then made a swedish flag as the background, and “Stencil” font to make the actual sticker. I was struggling to come up with a DS106/Swedish bumper sticker, so I chose to go with a typical caution sticker. To be honest the only things I know about Sweden is their neutrality and amazing meatballs, so thats what I want with. “Und” is and in german, and maybe swedish? It look funny in it so I left it.


This remix¬†assigned me to remix “DS106 Bumper Sticker.”