For the first part of this was the radio show.

I made my commercial first, and for it I decided to go with the “9 Lives” route by pointing out how much Halloween stuff there is out there, and how much we have to offer. To do this, I played a bunch of Halloween songs next to each other and brought them together. I used to get the songs, and used audacity to put everything together. I picked the most recognizable parts of the songs, then I would use fade in/fade out and overlap them so they flowed together. I raised the volume of my voice to make it stand up over the song, and timed it so the vocal part would start right after my voice.

Next I did the bumper. For this, I chose to do the most classic halloween song I could think of, which is “This is Halloween” by “The Nightmare before Christmas.” I found an instrumental version (so my voice wouldn’t conflict), and converted it using, then put it in audacity with my voice over it.

Kelsey and I chose the story part of the podcast. We decided since we already knew each other, we could work together since it is the longest part. Overall, I am very happy with how our part turned out. We decided to pick a variety of stories, and try to do it in a similar style to “This American Life.”  We picked a few stories and went through them in detail, we also picked music that seemed to fit well to bridge the gaps between the stories, and picked background sound effects to enhance the experience. Overall I am extremely happy with how that went, because the transition songs seemed to make everything flow together, and the background sound effects (while subtle), definitely made you feel like you were there experiencing it. We created the story using audacity, and recorded our voices in segments (so errors weren’t a big deal). We used to get songs, and sound bits.

Overall, I am pleased with how the radio show flows together. There is definitely room for improvement, and sometimes the voices are harder to hear, but considering none of us have professional studies or professional quality equipment I am pretty pleased with how it all points to the theme and seems to flow together.