This, overall has to be my favorite picture I have taken. I took this on the coast of Ireland when the rugby team when last spring. Throughout my life, my dad has enjoyed photography so I have watched videos he watched and took tips that he learned. I feel as though I used a lot of the 10 tips in this picture.

  1. Get Pickier. I didn’t just rapid fire this, I took my time and made sure it was a high quality picture.
  2. Contrast. I felt the dark rocks on the dark blue water to the light blue sky. And the dark rocks to the lighter rocks to the green mountain to the sky made some great contrast, while easing into it throughout the picture.
  3. Change perspective. While it may not be a huge difference and not a giant perspective change, I stood on something to make myself a little higher up. This I feel created greater depth between me, the rocks, the water, and the sky.
  4. Create depth. The two opposing mountains looking so small in the background at different distances created horizontal depth as well as the vertical depth I mentioned in 2.
  5. The rule of thirds. I made sure to include the foreground (very busy), in the bottom third. The mid ground (not as busy), in the middle third. And the sky (empty) in the top third. I felt as though this enhanced the contrast and the visual pleasing quality of it, as it was not too busy throughout or too bland throughout.