I chose this assignment because it seemed like a very interesting one and I could think of plenty of athletes to choose from. I also get annoyed sometimes by how tedious highlight tapes can be, and wanted to make one the way I like it. The athlete I chose is Ma’a Nonu, who plays rugby for the New Zealand national team (The All Blacks). This team is a constant favorite in tournaments, and just won the Rugby World Cup once again. I decided to open this video with New Zealand performing “The Haka” which is a Maori war dance that is one of the more sacred traditions in international rugby.

To do this assignment, I downloaded “Clipgrab” in order to pull clips from youtube, and I downloaded as many highlight tapes I could find. I then used youtube-mp3.com to download “Stronger” by Kanye West to play as the background song. I figured that song was a good combination of a hype song and was a good length to use. I put these videos in MovieMaker, and edited them to find only the best clips I could find and combined the best of the best and played the music over it starting after the Haka. I had the music fade in, and fade out.






This assignment was worth 5 stars.