For this assignment, I chose the death of Gustavo from Breaking Bad. This is a pivotal scene in the movie as it does two things:

1. It brings down the reigns of a man who had controlled the drug kingdom in the area for years.

2. It cemented the beginning of the end for Walt.

This scene overall was an extremely emotional scene, as the anger of multiple people over multiple generations were released in the act of killing Gustavo. Walt was essentially held captive, and was waiting to die at the hands of Gus, so his death was a catharsis. While Jesse did not hate Gus, he was torn between his loyalties between Gus and Walt and knew that he didn’t have many options. And finally this shows Hector. Hector has had an anger for Gus for over 40 years as Gus killed Hector’s entire cartel, and his entire family, and commonly will come back to taunt him on it. This face shows an anger that has built up over decades, and now that he has had a stroke he is powerless. That is, until Walt gives him an option. End himself, and Gus. Hector shows the anger he has and the madness that he has that he is willing to kill himself, just to end the life of Gus as well.

I found the link off of youtube, and I used a screenshot to capture this frame (by using the snipping tool).

This assignment was worth 2.5 stars.