For this assignment, I racked my brain for ideas and found my favorite to be a conversation with myself as my therapist. I tend to make a lot of dark jokes and dark humor, which makes people start to think I’m serious. I have no intentions behind any of the jokes, and I find dark humor to be a great way to cope with a stressful situation. A lot of people don’t get that or worry, so I figured a conversation with a therapist may be suiting to me.

To do this, I made two videos of myself. One with me as the therapist, and one with me as the patient. I set up the camera to fit either one, and read the script. I then changed into therapist-y clothes and retook the video. I chose to lie down in my bed to look like I was in the chair at a therapist office, and I used my office chair as the therapist. I then uploaded the video to dropbox, saved it on my computer, and uploaded them to Movie Maker. I then saved them to movie maker and published it as a movie and uploaded to youtube.

NOT TO SELF AND OTHERS. IF YOU DO NOT SAVE AS A MP4, THEN RELOAD ON ANOTHER COMPUTER, YOU WILL LOSE THE VIDEOS. If this happens (as it did to me), redownload the videos in the same locations and it will fix itself.