I chose this assignment because it seemed like one that while not terribly difficult, would be pretty fun to do.  I also loved how Hitchcock (who was a master of film himself), brought up a great point in that just by changing the middle piece the entire mood of the scene could change.

I chose to stick with Hitchcock, and do the famous “Psycho” shower scene where the woman is murdered. In the original, I left it as is and it shows a normal shower, followed by a shocking murder, and a slow death. The emotions I got from this scene were fear and terror. So I decided to do the complete opposite for part two. For the edited part, I made it a sex scene. The way the woman dies could almost be construed as sexual (as they did not show large amount of blood back then), and it almost reminded me of the sex scene in The Titanic. To do this, the middle part I made, of course, The Hoff himself and used him. I also muted the second part so the music would not affect the emotions. Now it turns into an overly stimulated woman in the shower.

To do this, I downloaded the two scenes from youtube using the “clipgrab” software, and put them into Movie Maker. I left them as they were, then I put in a second copy of the original, cut out the murder part, and cut out the scene so it only had the Hoff saying “I’m David Hasselhoff” and put that in the middle. I did this using the trim software on Movie Maker.



This was worth 4.5 Stars