This is for those that didn’t make it. For those that knew they were in love before the trip. Those that built a life together, had kids, got married. They were on vacation, or moving to start a new life. One last romantic trip for their anniversary, or their honeymoon, just couldn’t leave each others eyes. We all hear about the same story, but what about the others? The ones that didn’t make it, or that only one made it. That did everything they could to save each other, but at the end one of them had to make it. Besides, there was room for him on that raft.

To do this assignment, I used a combination of powerpoint and GIMP. I tried to cut out the couple using GIMP, but I couldn’t do it. Instead, I saved the image as a background and took it to powerpoint to cut out everything but the people. I then took a picture of the titanic, flipped it, and put the couple on top. I added a slight fade to make it more ghostly.

Of course, I am not great with love stories so I did my best. I saw the water from the picture, and the titanic came to mind. We always hear about the classic love story but I wanted to point out there were thousands of other people and plenty of other couples on that ship too.