My name is Sean Morris and this is my introduction post for this blog. I am setting this up as a student of Digital Storytelling (#ds106). A little about myself first; I am a student at the University of Mary Washington class of 2018. I am a biochemistry major, neuroscience minor, and I do research with a focus in apoptosis (cellular suicide essentially… its a good thing I promise). I was recruited to Mary Washington to play lock/flanker for Mother’s Rugby at UMW (you may have heard of us), and am an officer as well. I am also a member of the President’s Council on Sustainability (I still eat meat and don’t hate anyone who uses anything nonrenewable). I am from Virginia Beach and a (sometimes) proud graduate of Kellam High School, and worked in a carpentry shop for two years. I have family from Northern Virginia, and from North Carolina. I am jewish (when its convenient), but I celebrate holidays just to celebrate. I don’t do much with my freetime, because I have none. I will at some point talk about all of that I am sure.

If anyone knows me, they know I am not one for social media, or storytelling, or dealing with people… but I figured why not? I’ll give it a shot. Besides, this is my chance to be able to rant and be brutally honest to the world, behind the safety of my keyboard.

To do this, I set up  several social media sites of course the world will be interested in. I now have a twitter (shout out ya boy), a soundcloud (listen for the firetrucks and you’ll know I dropped my mixtape), and a Flickr (whenever I take 5 photos).

So now that that’s out of the way, lets get to the big question. What am I going to post? I don’t know. Anything. Everything. Whatever I’m told to. Whatever I’m told not to. Maybe even some stuff I’m told not to. The world is my oyster and this is my shucker (?). Obviously I will post what I am told to, but frankly I like to talk. I like to go off, I like to make a big deal of everything, and sometimes I like to rant. The world is becoming too PC, Donald Trump looks like Biff Tannenn, the Chappelle show, Daily Show, and Colbert Report are gone, and frankly Caitlyn Jenner looks better than Kris Jenner. Tom Brady is suspended, Giselse is upset, and the Redskins (still) look terrible. We are fighting over perceived differences, college tuition is outrageous, and no one has still seen Bert and Joe Flacco in the same room.

I’m not bitter, I’m just a broke college student who likes to yell about nothing (in about as productive as a way as every other one). I’m not out here to change the world, I’m not here to show how big I think my brain is, and I’m not out here to yell at some perceived social injustices (I don’t even know what that means- I’m a STEM major). I’m just Sean here to be the best Sean I can be.

Sit back, its gonna be a fun ride.