And another week down!

This may be my favorite week yet! I loved this week alot, and had a lot of fun with everything I did in it, and I feel like that translated better to higher quality work. The entire week was great and I enjoyed this class so much during it.

The first thing to show were my daily creates. I did them all separately of each other, and decided it’d be the funnest to just find a way in the end to mix them together. I decided to stick with the John Lennon theme, and have him show up late to the Abbey Road photoshoot. My inspiration for this was how messy my bed was, and figured it looks like someone’s who doesn’t quite have it together (not wrong). As for the actual daily creates: the bed one I chose because I realized my favorite place to be is my bed (whose isn’t?), and the underside is a complete mess. The tongue twister I chose because it just seemed to flow and it came pretty quickly. I used Photoshop to delete John Lennon from the Abbey Road photo by using the “Clone Stamp” tool to recreate the background over him, then squares the same color as the lines to make it look tight.

Next was the review of “Wacky History” and my podcast: “9 Lives.” I had a lot of fun listening to these, because I enjoy podcasts and it definitely made a difference knowing how much time was put into these and how good they sounded to really make me appreciate them alot.

Next were my 3 weekly assignments. The mandatory one was: This Just in! Read All About it! I loved doing this and it was my favorite, it was pretty easily done. I loved the idea of being able to just change a webpage. The optional ones I chose were the Buzzfeed quiz and the Character Resume. The character resume I did first and it was worth 3 stars. I chose it because I already had my resume as a template, and it looked interesting. The Buzzfeed quiz was worth 3.5 stars and I may have offended some people in that, but I was just in one of those moods. The total was 6.5/6 stars.

Overall I can easily say this was my favorite week of Digital Storytelling, and probably one of my favorite weeks of any class I’ve had. Everything I did this week was just fun, and I enjoyed every minute of it, and I feel this showed by having a better output.