This week was centered around photography, which I was excited for because I enjoy it greatly.

First, I attributed the ten tips for photography to a picture I took. This was interesting because it allowed me to put a name on what makes a phot good as well as taught me how to improve my photo taking.

Next, I did the photoblitz. It was a very interesting activity, and I enjoyed some aspects of how I did it, but wish I could have just taken the time and done it more traditionally so I could get better photos.

I did 4 daily assignments. The 1st was the mandatory one. This one was the one I had the most trouble with (hit writers block!), but it was a good warmup for the rest! I downloaded gimp to help me. The 2nd one I did was the random album cover. The choices I got scared me! However I had to respect the game and put together the best one I could think of.  The 3rd one was the old vs. new and I did my home city! I had a really tough time with it, but overall I liked the concept! Finally, the last one I did was the quote one. This was by far my favorite. I love inspirational quotes, and being able to take one and put it to picture was amazing. I loved it and really liked what I did with it.

The first daily create I did was the Abbey Road one. Anyone has to respect the Beatles, but I figured I’d throw some America into it. I’ve been on a little (ok a lot bit) of a Hulk Hogan kick lately, and I wanted to throw in everything America into it. What’s more American than Hulk, the American flag, a bald eagle, and hot dogs? The second one I made was the editing a new object into an old picture. Once again on my Hogan pic, I had to put the man himself into the picture BROTHER (also just curious how many people I can offend throughout my life). In all seriousness no disrespect was intended, just wanted to make a funny picture. The third was the artsy (or not) picture. Being at home, I figured I might as well take one of my favorite photos of my dog, and throw him back up on the porch. I decided to take the picture at night as well to add the extra contrast to the picture. The last one I chose to do was to make a British sign. I wanted to show the contrasting paths between the easy path and the tough path. The tougher path may take longer, but its worth it.

Finally, I made a best of album in Flickr.

Best of Sean