Another busy week! And another week I waited way too long to do this (I completely pushed it too far this week). Luckily, I think I have my life together now and should be better next week!

So what have I done this week?

I got to listen to 2 great videos summarizing audio stories and the vast differences with them. They are much more complex than digital stories, even through practically they are much more simple. How is this? Well with a digital story, you lay everything out for the viewer. They see it how you want them to see it. For a digital story, they see it how they want to. These two videos were great eye openers and I enjoyed them greatly.

I also got to listen to another great story from my favorite podcast, This American Life. This was an interesting assignment however, because it really opened my eyes up to not just the story, but how they take semi interesting stories and get me hooked on them.

For the sound assignments, wow Audacity has a learning curve! I caught on pretty quickly, but that was intimidating at first. I went for the conversation with a celebrity. Of course, I had to go with Hulk Hogan BROTHER. I had alot of fun with him because, lets face it, who doesnt want to talk to Hulk Hogan himself? The second one I chose was the super hero one. Good lord I cant sing, but I was in the mood for krispy kreme and making fun of myself.

The daily creates this week were loads of fun. The Five Card Flickr daily create was extremely interesting once again, and the second I saw a building for the first one and then another for the second, I knew I wanted to hit on change. The concrete poem tweet was up next, and that was tough. I am by no means a poet and I was at a mental block. Eventually I looked up and saw the clouds and said “screw it, they bring alot of different emotions, thats interesting.” The last one I did was the #throwbackmonday tweet. I thought alot about that one, and ended up walking by the Organic chemistry lab and realized that would look the exact same 50 years ago! There was my picture. Once I found the polaroid filter I knew it brought back my own nostalgia.

Overall, I thought this week was great! I wish I had given myself alot more time, but learning Audacity and trying to make my own sound bits were a lot of fun. Next week I will get it together and finally get that 100!