Week 3 done! And once again it was busy!  I learned a lot!

We started with the basic concept of storytelling (after all that is the name of the class), and really talked about what we think it is.

We then watched a video on storytelling and analyzed both a movie and a digital story. This was probably the thing I learned the most from because the neuroscience video really made me realize that a lot of how an audience reacts to your story, is how you tell it. There are simple algorithms to follow, and the reaction you want is based off of these algorithms, but if you want a reaction they have to have certain key points (rising action, climax, falling action).

We then reviewed a past ds106 student’s story. This gave me great insight into what a digital story was. This showed me that you still make your story (seemed to work through text), and use use different forms of media to give examples and make your story seem more real and engage the audience better.

Next, I connected two seemingly random photos with a story. As is stated in the analysis, this was challenging but also a lot of fun and I enjoyed it greatly.

The daily creates were also some very fun ones this week! The first one followed the theme and gave me the task to put a caption for a picture. Being me I of course had to go for a cheesey pun and some dark humor. The second one was the continuation of an open poem which was an extremely interesting concept I enjoyed contributing too. Of course seeing people talk about the ocean in their backyard I felt the need to be a little cheeky, but also it could be taken in a metaphysical way (don’t we all have an ocean near us?).The third one pulled my creative bone a little. I don’t know why but I just got writers block. Eventually I looked at my roommates movie collection and it hit me, then I just had to go back to my minimal statistics knowledge (luckily my research has a fair amount of analytical component) and pulled it out. Finally, the last one asked about our dream house. For me, that took some thinking. I decided I would love to live by a lake, so that had to be there, and I love log cabins and would love to live on one with a fancy door in the woods, with a garden and slate walkway. I may have been drastic when I said no one else around, really what I meant was only people I liked around.

Overall, I am feeling much more comfortable with my blog. There are minor tweaks I would like to do such as find better ways to organize and maybe just make the layout look a little bit better (not a big fan of the great background, but I like simplistic). I would like to work on using widgets a little better. I also need to work harder on finding other people’s blogs as well, I have not had much luck. But I am enjoying using this blog more and I feel like I am learning more and becoming more comfortable everyday.