What a busy week it was! As I am sure it was noticed, I may have waited a lil bit to do the final stuff. But I got it done!

The Personal Cyberinfrastructure article was very interesting and the reflection seemed to flow. It was a little tough keeping up with some of the terminology and higher language he used (I’m just a Biochem major here), but overall I liked his points. The Micheal Wesch talk was pretty interesting and once I got over the fact that the was a social anthropology major that wasn’t serving coffee, I actually was very interested in his travels.

The daily creates were very interesting this week. I unfortunately wasn’t able to download the font correctly, but I liked the horror story create. I wasn’t able to use my original plan but I liked the concept of the font. The clock daily create I couldn’t tweet (forgot my password), but I liked the idea of using a classic painting for it. Another daily create I did I had a lot of fun with. Playing rugby, I have a few friends from England, and have met a few English professional players. I love their slang and it is always fun to take American vernacular and switch it up. I had to think of a movie with great dialogue, so I had to choose The Departed, of course I had to censor it a little (or a lot). Finally, the last daily create I did was a place I’ve been. I figured why not choose one of my favorite vacations to take, and my favorite mountain to climb. That lake is at the top of a summit with a few mountains, and is crystal clear and ice cold. Perfect for a long hike

Finally, I made my first GIF! We were left to learn it on our own, and luckily I was able to use the tutorials to find a nice website that took me to it. They said choose your favorite movie, and that was tough because I have a lot. But if there was one movie line that summed up my life, Bull Durham nailed it with this:

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