This assignment was to mix two movies subtlety (which typically is not my strong suit). I chose this one because it seemed like a very interesting topic, and I really enjoy editing pictures.

To do this, I wanted to combine two polar opposites. I figured I’d start with the main picture, for this I chose to use the death scene from Braveheart. I’m not quite sure why, but it seemed to be a good one to mess with. From there I though of an addition that could be good and subtle, and I remembered about sadness from “Inside out.” While it makes the picture infinitely sadder, it fit perfectly and I decided to use Sadness to represent the Sadness that belongs to William Wallace (everyone has their own).

To make this, I put the main picture into PowerPoint, and found a picture of Sadness and put that into another slide from powerpoint. I used the “remove background” and got it to only Sadness. I then experimented on where to put her, and found her standing on Wallace to be the best. I then lowered her saturation levels greatly until it fit similar tones to the picture, while still standing out enough.

Part of the reason I love using these editing ones is to make a point. Microsoft PowerPoint has really upped its game on photo editing software, and it (with some creativity/skill) can be used to make great pictures.

I had a lot of fun with this assignment, and I think I made a great picture. It definitely evokes emotion in me and actually makes me sad to see.

This assignment was worth 4 Stars