This assignment was to show the evolution of a character throughout a TV show. I had multiple options to think of for this, but I wanted to make it flow. To do this, I thought of an introduction theme I could use and though of the Simpsons, and the though hit me that they have been on 25 years! While (through magic?) the characters themselves have not aged, the artists drawing them have definitely changed and I wanted to show the change of how the entire family’s appearances throughout the years.

To do this, I found multiple videos of the same introduction on YouTube throughout the years. The three biggest changes happened throughout 1990-1995, 1995-2005, 20015-2015. Therefore, I found one introduction from each time frame. I used the software “Clipgrab” to download the videos, and put them all in MovieMaker. From there I used the edit tool to combine all of the videos into one sequence, and I tried to change the video timeline after introducing the characters once on each. So which couch gag should I use? I remembered that there was one on the evolution of Homer, and figured that was a perfect metaphor. I found that, then put it in at the end. I then went through and tried to match up all of the sound levels.

I enjoyed this assignment alot, and while challenging, was a lot of fun. You don’t think of a character aging in a tv show, and especially not an animated one, but it is interesting to see how the artists change a character throughout the tv show. I hope I captured that pretty well, and I really did enjoy this assignment and think I did a pretty decent job.

This assignment was worth 4.5 Stars