8:00am: Call from Dwight Schrute, Dunder Miflin Paper Company. Stapler in Jell-O. Code 10-28. Three Star alarm, full lights and siren.

8:15am: Police arrive. Gather information. Stapler was fine upon leaving work at 5pm the night before. The crime took place between 5pm and 8am.  Statements were taken from all parties involved and surveillance was set up to take pictures.

11:45am: An initial story board was put together from the known people involved. This was done on Microsoft powerpoint, using a cork board background, and adjusting the photos to B&W to get a police effect. Squares and lines were used to draw the twine and post it notes, as well as a font similar to handwriting.

12:30pm: Two main suspects determined. Angela and Jim Halpert.

Debrief Report:

This assignment was a lot of fun as I was able to make connections using a police board. I decided to use the infamous Jell-O Stapler scene from the office because it reminded me of Dwight’s obsession to justice, as well as provided me the opportunity to put a police aspect on a comedy show. Overall, I thought I did pretty well on this assignment.