This is a tutorial for The “Bring your pet to school” assignment, worth 3 stars in the design section.

This tutorial goes about this process in a different way, that can be done on any PC. One unknown tool that I believe to be severely underutilized is Microsoft PowerPoint’s photo editing features. With the latest update, they really stepped up there game and there is now a lot you can do with it very easily.

The first step is to put your pictures in PowerPoint. These can be done by simply clicking and dragging the icons into the screen (it should be noted these work the best if saved as JPEGS as they have the most options).

In ppt

At this point, you click on the picture you are trying to post on top of the other one (in this case, it is the dog picture). You then click on “format” on the ribbon at the top, and “remove background.” The background of the picture should turn pinkish/purple automatically. The colored area will be deleted, as you reshape the boundaries closer to the foreground, this should automatically get more accurate around the foreground. If you click “mark to keep” or “mark to remove” and draw lines of the corresponding areas, this will get more accurate as well. If some colors are close, it may take slightly longer to do, but it will get better and better the more you do.





After you are satisfied with the area, you click “keep changes” in the ribbon, and the background is gone! From this point it is down to moving, resizing, and rotating the inserted pictures until it fits to the scale you want. From there you can go back to the “format” tab on the ribbon, and use the “artistic affects” to change the coloring and affects until it fits to your final project!