The first two things I did were my tutorials. I chose these two because they were photo editing, and I feel that is my strongest suit (if I am going to offer help to others). Another point I wanted to make using these is that photo editing software is great, but things you can get for free like GIMP and PowerPoint do a pretty great job when used correctly.

  1. The first I did was putting your dog on campus. Mostly I did this because I miss my dog, but I also figured it’d be fun to do! I figured I can’t put my dog in a normal place knowing him he’d end up somewhere crazy (then freaking out). This was worth three stars.
  2. My second one was putting yourself in a historical photo. As someone who loves to tow the line when it comes to political correctness, I figured I could play my jewish card pretty well here (and plus it is Hanukkah: Mazel Tof!). I chose this one because it was a challenge. I knew this would be tough and more detailed, so I figured this would be the perfect one to test my PowerPoint/GIMP combination! Plus I had to pick the opportunity to provide the only tutorial for a project as one that would offend 3/4 people! But its ok! I’m Jewish! (I am pretty proud of the bunny ears).

Finally, I did the story. This was a challenge. I decided I wanted to go a more serious route, and go outside of the box. The goal I was going for was to show the same character, but 20-30 years apart and show the change. The last time I flew I was reminded by how entranced I was by the experience when I was a kid and almost missed it just a year ago. I wanted to show how life really is perspective, and it can be a shame when we loose that. To do this, I downloaded a plugin that allowed me to do columns, and have the adult on the lift, and the kid on the right.The media includes audio, mixups, gifs, and picture editing. I hope you enjoyed: A Tale of Two Trips!

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience in the class. While I did definitely procrastinate, I enjoyed the freedom that came with this and have not been as excited about some of the works (mostly the 2nd tutorial) in a long time, and I felt like those contributed to higher quality work! I loved my time in the class and would definitely recommend it. Thanks to this I will most likely keep my blog and keep posting actual rants where people can’t hold the class responsible this time!