With the semester done and Digital Storytelling finishing up, I figured I’d make a best of post for the class. I had a lot of products I liked, and some not so much. Here are my favorites:

The Serious:

  1. The Minimalistic Poster. This one was easy to do, but I really enjoyed the flow of it and how it came out. The message pretty much speaks for itself, but if you say something with confidence and make yourself believe, others will believe it too.


2. The Quote on a Poster. While also relatively simple to do, I liked how this came out a lot too. By smudging the top it did a pretty good job of looking erased, and the comic sans font (while good for literally anything) looked like handwriting. The whole message was that while something may seem complicated (the physics-y magic on the board), don’t be scared of it or assume its bad. Just figure out how it works! You’ll see it really isn’t bad or magic afterall.


3. Demotivational Poster. While just realizing I used the same picture for both, It fit! The design was based off the demotivational posters, but while this isn’t motivational in the traditional sense, it is stuff like this that motivates me! This is actually the advice that got me through my first research conference presentation. There are going to be people that know more than you, but they will know more about what they do than you. You’ve done the research, you ran the experiments, it is your topic. That Ph.D. just means they can bullshit better than you.


4. Old Timey Photo. Literally just a picture with a filter an a frame, but for some reason I really like it. I was careful to exclude any newer looking equipment in the lab, but this could actually pass for an older lab picture.CPCuRxZUAAIFrFY

5. Edit Someone Out. This one was eerie and I like how it turned out. The job was to simply edit someone out in a stalin-esque type manner, and it worked really well here. This took some work, but looks like Yoko got to him earlier than we thought.CSCPMrHUEAAYnTX

6. Movie Mashup. The task here was to subtly edit a movie into a different scene. This one actually hit me in the feels when I made it. It was pretty fitting and I didn’t think about how sad it would actually look (post production adding of the kilt).mSHUP2.0

The not so serious:

7. Fake Webpage. I had a lot of fun with this and got to play with some basic coding. The news just got alot more interesting.cnn2

8. My hulk hogan fix. Tonight, one of you will betray me… AND YOU’LL BE IN FOR A WORLD OF HURT BROTHER.


9. How privileged are you?! In this Buzzfeed quiz, you can check your own privilege.

10. Where’d you go?! A self help book for the ages.


11. A Quentin Tarantino Movie. Had to go with a class poster for him, find as much blood as I can and rugby will do that! Got to have fun with the teammates.


12. The grand finale. ITS OK! I’M JEWISH.