The topic of how you can get a point across through radio is a complete 180 from everything else we have covered. The whole point of digital story telling is how you can use different forms of media to convey a story.  Radio is much more difficult to tell a story using because it takes away pictures, video, looks, and body language and just allows pitch and timing as the sole means to communicate.

Jab Abumrab explained this perfectly when he said that telling a story on the radio is like painting a picture, when the listener has the brush. This made a huge point to me because it is both more difficult, but also give more leeway. The issue is that when you tell a story, its your story and its built around how you see it. So when someone else hears it, you have to make them come up with the closest picture to yours they can find. At the same time though, it can help in that people tend to think of what they enjoy the best. So if you can leave a story open ended enough, people will find a picture they like.

When Ira Glass mentioned entropy, as a science major I had to listen. Everyone has a different way to say philosophize (?) the law stating: The universe tends toward randomness.  Ira Glass took that and pointed out that any story you write, from the get go, wants to be bad. And I see where he is coming from. I personally subscribe to the great Kenny Rodger: “Every hand’s a winner, and every hands a loser.” The principal is the same, in that from a blank slate you can do anything with it.

Essentially, a radio story is the exact opposite of a digital story, but this does make great use of a tool to use in a digital story.