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Why millennials are left out of politics. And why it is our own fault.

This will be a short article, because there is only one real point, and one real fix to this issue. Why is it people protesting always seem to be young? Especially now with the rise and fall of the Bern,… Continue Reading →

Weeks 13/14 Summary

This week focused on remixes and mashup. This was a tricky week as it also related to copyright and those laws associated with it. While we focused on what a remix is, what we also looked at was the legal… Continue Reading →

Consumer Mashup

For this mashup, we were tasked to combine a place we go to, with what we buy from them. My thought went straight to Domino’s Pizza (I was sitting in front of a box). I realized it had holes in… Continue Reading →

What is a remix?

First off, what is a remix? A remix is any mashup that’s not an original. It is a combination of multiple unoriginal things to make something new. This leads to a series of ethical dilemmas. If its not the original,… Continue Reading →

Remix the Swedish

For these remixes, I ended up clicking through a couple until I found one that made sense to do. I got the assignment was to remix “DS106 Bumper Sticker,” but “swede-it.” I am not quite hip to the new lingo,… Continue Reading →

Weekly Summary XI/XII

These weeks were focused on us making our own videos. For this I did 5 daily creates: The meaning of life. For this, I wanted to really portray the meaning of 42: there is no meaning. And if there was, do… Continue Reading →

Extraordinary in the Seemingly Ordinary

First of: @ds106dc #tdc1407 My response for Today’s #ds106 Daily Create is:3 Seconds of Science Ok, yes I used that already this week, but I didn’t get to fully geek out last time so now I want to redeem myself…. Continue Reading →

Conversation with Myself

For this assignment, I racked my brain for ideas and found my favorite to be a conversation with myself as my therapist. I tend to make a lot of dark jokes and dark humor, which makes people start to think… Continue Reading →

Team Pump Up Video

I chose this assignment because I enjoy making sports highlight videos, as I like using them to motivate me before games. I kept multiple things in mind while making this assignment, the first is the team I chose. I chose… Continue Reading →

The Power of a Second

I chose this assignment because I noticed this while working on my research project. I found it perfect and its something in a not obvious way. Excuse me while I geek out real quick. What you are seeing in this… Continue Reading →

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