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Weekly Summaries

Weekly Summary V

This week was centered around photography, which I was excited for because I enjoy it greatly. First, I attributed the ten tips for photography to a picture I took. This was interesting because it allowed me to put a name… Continue Reading →

Weekly Summary IV

Another busy week! And another week I waited way too long to do this (I completely pushed it too far this week). Luckily, I think I have my life together now and should be better next week! So what have… Continue Reading →

Weekly Summary III

Week 3 done! And once again it was busy!  I learned a lot! We started with the basic concept of storytelling (after all that is the name of the class), and really talked about what we think it is. We then… Continue Reading →

Weekly Summary II

What a busy week it was! As I am sure it was noticed, I may have waited a lil bit to do the final stuff. But I got it done! The Personal Cyberinfrastructure article was very interesting and the reflection seemed to… Continue Reading →

Hey! My name is Sean Morris and this is my introduction post for this blog. I am setting this up as a student of Digital Storytelling (#ds106). A little about myself first; I am a student at the University of… Continue Reading →

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