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DS106 Work

Any and all work for DS106


For this, we were in charge of making a motivational poster. While this may not seem very motivational, this is actually the advice that got me through my first big research poster presentation today. Its simple. everyone is full of… Continue Reading →

Jell-O Stapler- 48 Hours

          8:00am: Call from Dwight Schrute, Dunder Miflin Paper Company. Stapler in Jell-O. Code 10-28. Three Star alarm, full lights and siren. 8:15am: Police arrive. Gather information. Stapler was fine upon leaving work at 5pm the… Continue Reading →

Weekly Summary V

This week was centered around photography, which I was excited for because I enjoy it greatly. First, I attributed the ten tips for photography to a picture I took. This was interesting because it allowed me to put a name… Continue Reading →

Visual Assignment- Album Cover

This assignment was a lot of fun and dangerous for me. I chose this because I really liked the idea of just using random things to create my album. It also challenged my creativity which was interesting. Of course, I… Continue Reading →

Weekly Summary IV

Another busy week! And another week I waited way too long to do this (I completely pushed it too far this week). Luckily, I think I have my life together now and should be better next week! So what have… Continue Reading →

Sean Super Hero

Wow. My super power isn’t singing. Good lord my voice is horrible. For a while. I thought what would my super power be? Absolutely nothing, so why not make fun of myself a little (or a lot). The way I… Continue Reading →

“This American Life”

“This American Life” has always been one of my favorite podcasts (my father and I used to go on trips and listen to that on the way). They do a couple things extremely well that keeps me interested. The stories… Continue Reading →

Review of Audio Stories

The topic of how you can get a point across through radio is a complete 180 from everything else we have covered. The whole point of digital story telling is how you can use different forms of media to convey… Continue Reading →

Weekly Summary III

Week 3 done! And once again it was busy!  I learned a lot! We started with the basic concept of storytelling (after all that is the name of the class), and really talked about what we think it is. We then… Continue Reading →

Telling Stories with Photos

Snoop was feeling awfully toasty one night (for obvious reasons). All he could think was how he had his mind on his money and his money on his mind. He decided to get some fresh air and went cruising down… Continue Reading →

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