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November 2015

The Power of a Second

I chose this assignment because I noticed this while working on my research project. I found it perfect and its something in a not obvious way. Excuse me while I geek out real quick. What you are seeing in this… Continue Reading →

Alfred Hitchcock Movie Bikini

I chose this assignment because it seemed like one that while not terribly difficult, would be pretty fun to do.  I also loved how Hitchcock (who was a master of film himself), brought up a great point in that just… Continue Reading →

The Golden Era of Film

I chose this assignment because it looked fun, and challenging. I figured this would be a good test for me. I chose the Cranberry Juice scene from “The Departed” because in terms of longer scenes with dialogue, this fit the… Continue Reading →

Frame a Scene (Spoiler Alert!)

For this assignment, I chose the death of Gustavo from Breaking Bad. This is a pivotal scene in the movie as it does two things: 1. It brings down the reigns of a man who had controlled the drug kingdom… Continue Reading →

Weekly Summary X

This week the focus was on video. I think rather than learning alot this week, the benefit I got this week was more along the lines of a new mindset. I always used to be of the opinion that I… Continue Reading →

Marky Mark Highlight Tape

For this daily assignment I did the celebrity mixtape. I chose to do Mark Wahlberg, because I thought of his lines from the movie “The Departed” and it was some of the best I can remember. To do this, I… Continue Reading →

Highlight Tape

I chose this assignment because it seemed like a very interesting one and I could think of plenty of athletes to choose from. I also get annoyed sometimes by how tedious highlight tapes can be, and wanted to make one… Continue Reading →

The Newsroom- Analysis

This scene is one you have probably seen on Facebook under “The realest three minutes you’ve seen”, “#realtalk”, or “every american needs to listen to this.” And it is a great scene, and despite how great of a scene this… Continue Reading →

How to Read a Movie/Techniques to a movie

Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie” really made you take a more in depth look at everything. And that’s the point. While a movie as a whole is “good” or “bad,” what makes it so? Quite literally everything, make a movie… Continue Reading →

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