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November 2015

Weeks 13/14 Summary

This week focused on remixes and mashup. This was a tricky week as it also related to copyright and those laws associated with it. While we focused on what a remix is, what we also looked at was the legal… Continue Reading →

Consumer Mashup

For this mashup, we were tasked to combine a place we go to, with what we buy from them. My thought went straight to Domino’s Pizza (I was sitting in front of a box). I realized it had holes in… Continue Reading →

What is a remix?

First off, what is a remix? A remix is any mashup that’s not an original. It is a combination of multiple unoriginal things to make something new. This leads to a series of ethical dilemmas. If its not the original,… Continue Reading →

This Doesn’t Belong Here

This assignment was to mix two movies subtlety (which typically is not my strong suit). I chose this one because it seemed like a very interesting topic, and I really enjoy editing pictures. To do this, I wanted to combine two… Continue Reading →

The Evolution of the Simpsons

This assignment was to show the evolution of a character throughout a TV show. I had multiple options to think of for this, but I wanted to make it flow. To do this, I thought of an introduction theme I… Continue Reading →

Remix the Swedish

For these remixes, I ended up clicking through a couple until I found one that made sense to do. I got the assignment was to remix “DS106 Bumper Sticker,” but “swede-it.” I am not quite hip to the new lingo,… Continue Reading →

Weekly Summary XI/XII

These weeks were focused on us making our own videos. For this I did 5 daily creates: The meaning of life. For this, I wanted to really portray the meaning of 42: there is no meaning. And if there was, do… Continue Reading →

Extraordinary in the Seemingly Ordinary

First of: @ds106dc #tdc1407 My response for Today’s #ds106 Daily Create is:3 Seconds of Science Ok, yes I used that already this week, but I didn’t get to fully geek out last time so now I want to redeem myself…. Continue Reading →

Conversation with Myself

For this assignment, I racked my brain for ideas and found my favorite to be a conversation with myself as my therapist. I tend to make a lot of dark jokes and dark humor, which makes people start to think… Continue Reading →

Team Pump Up Video

I chose this assignment because I enjoy making sports highlight videos, as I like using them to motivate me before games. I kept multiple things in mind while making this assignment, the first is the team I chose. I chose… Continue Reading →

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