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October 2015

Weekly Summary VI

Design week! The first thing I did were the design assignments. The first I did was the crime scene. The write up is in the post, but I chose this one because I love watching crime shows and I figured it… Continue Reading →

Seeing as I was with my mom in NOVA this weekend (had a conference in Baltimore), I figured I’d use her house for this designblitz (since I used Virginia Beach for my last one). I chose to use the different… Continue Reading →

A review of design

This a review of The Vignelli Canon, written by Massimo Vignelli (a real humble guy). This entire article came to the point that: writing needs to be powerful. It needs to send a powerful message to the viewer, and much like a… Continue Reading →

A Doomed Love Story

This is for those that didn’t make it. For those that knew they were in love before the trip. Those that built a life together, had kids, got married. They were on vacation, or moving to start a new life…. Continue Reading →

Say it with confidence

For this, I chose to go with the confidence theme. And I chose to keep the encouragement up by this quote. The quote itself is a minimalistic was of saying: “if you believe what you’re saying, others will believe you… Continue Reading →

Blood Blood and More Blood

For this assignment, I decided to go with a picture of a teammate who got all bloodied up during a game. Figuring the picture is as epic as it is, it would make a great movie cover. And with the… Continue Reading →


For this, we were in charge of making a motivational poster. While this may not seem very motivational, this is actually the advice that got me through my first big research poster presentation today. Its simple. everyone is full of… Continue Reading →

The Departed Trading Cards! Out Now!

For this assignment, I had to come up with a good movie to use as a trading card. I figured I’d go for a quote, so I picked The Departed as a quotable movie. My favorite line is still “I’m… Continue Reading →

Jell-O Stapler- 48 Hours

          8:00am: Call from Dwight Schrute, Dunder Miflin Paper Company. Stapler in Jell-O. Code 10-28. Three Star alarm, full lights and siren. 8:15am: Police arrive. Gather information. Stapler was fine upon leaving work at 5pm the… Continue Reading →

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