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October 2015

Weekly Summary IX

And another week down! This may be my favorite week yet! I loved this week alot, and had a lot of fun with everything I did in it, and I feel like that translated better to higher quality work. The… Continue Reading →

Review of “9 Lives Radio Podcast”

Overall, I really liked our podcast. I know I am very biased here, but I know the time Kelsey and I put into the story section and I am very happy with the result! There was some background noise, and… Continue Reading →

Daily Create Mixtape

One day, John Lennon woke up and jumped out of bed. It had been a long night, and the room was a mess but he didn’t quite know why, and he was late for an important photo shoot. #tdc1383 My… Continue Reading →

Review of “Wacky History”

Overall I liked this. I thought it was interesting how they took frankly uninteresting stories (like dentures) and made it interesting. I really enjoyed and was impressed with how they were able to make their voices so clear over the… Continue Reading →

This Just In! Read All About It!

For the digital storytelling excersize: “Storytelling within the Web” I used the google X-Ray goggles to use. I practiced around a little bit, by just using random websites to see which would work the best. I ended up deciding to… Continue Reading →

How Privileged Are You Quiz!!!

Ok, so the intent here may have been to offend as many people as I can. For my second assignment, I chose the Buzzfeed quiz. I chose this one, because while it took a fair amount of work, it looked… Continue Reading →

Dwight Schrute: Resume

For the first assignment, I chose the Character Resume. After thinking a while about who to use, I chose Dwight Schrute, from the TV show “The Office.” He is wacky and out there enough that I could have some fun… Continue Reading →

Weekly Summary VII/IIX

These two weeks the main focus was the radio show. Overall, I think we worked pretty well. Kelsey sent an email, and once the ball got rolling and we started working we were able to quickly set up a meeting… Continue Reading →


The first assignment I chose was the “Celebrity Voicemail.” I knew this one would be a fun one to do, and I like editing celebrity voices around (plus I didn’t have to speak which was a plus). I instantly remembered… Continue Reading →

Radio Shows

For the first part of this was the radio show. I made my commercial first, and for it I decided to go with the “9 Lives” route by pointing out how much Halloween stuff there is out there, and how… Continue Reading →

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