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September 2015

Sean Super Hero

Wow. My super power isn’t singing. Good lord my voice is horrible. For a while. I thought what would my super power be? Absolutely nothing, so why not make fun of myself a little (or a lot). The way I… Continue Reading →

“This American Life”

“This American Life” has always been one of my favorite podcasts (my father and I used to go on trips and listen to that on the way). They do a couple things extremely well that keeps me interested. The stories… Continue Reading →

Review of Audio Stories

The topic of how you can get a point across through radio is a complete 180 from everything else we have covered. The whole point of digital story telling is how you can use different forms of media to convey… Continue Reading →

Weekly Summary III

Week 3 done! And once again it was busy!  I learned a lot! We started with the basic concept of storytelling (after all that is the name of the class), and really talked about what we think it is. We then… Continue Reading →

The Shape of Stories: A Detailed Analysis of the American Classic “Starsky and Hutch”

Starsky and Hutch is a great American odyssey of Steinback quality. It is centered around two very different police officers (Starsky and Hutch), and their trials and tribulations as they deal with becoming partners and solving crime. Because it is… Continue Reading →

Telling Stories with Photos-Reflection

This assignment was a lot of fun because it let us use our creativity to connect two unrelated things. It also showed how anything can be taken in any context the person viewing wants to take it. I chose to… Continue Reading →

Telling Stories with Photos

Snoop was feeling awfully toasty one night (for obvious reasons). All he could think was how he had his mind on his money and his money on his mind. He decided to get some fresh air and went cruising down… Continue Reading →

Appreciating Past DS106 Stories

This is on “The Rise and Fall of Samuel L. Jackson, Ph.D” by Daniel Adams. I actually really enjoyed this one. Partly because I just like Samuel L. Jackson, but also because it is just gold.  The way they tied in the… Continue Reading →

What is Storytelling?

So… what is it? That is a tough question, especially considering I started this post two days ago and just clicked on the draft praying I actually wrote something. Apparently I didn’t. So here I go: Storytelling is the expression… Continue Reading →

Weekly Summary II

What a busy week it was! As I am sure it was noticed, I may have waited a lil bit to do the final stuff. But I got it done! The Personal Cyberinfrastructure article was very interesting and the reflection seemed to… Continue Reading →

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