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September 2015

Weekly Summary V

This week was centered around photography, which I was excited for because I enjoy it greatly. First, I attributed the ten tips for photography to a picture I took. This was interesting because it allowed me to put a name… Continue Reading →

My Favorite Picture w/ Tips I used

This, overall has to be my favorite picture I have taken. I took this on the coast of Ireland when the rugby team when last spring. Throughout my life, my dad has enjoyed photography so I have watched videos he watched… Continue Reading →


For the DS106 Photoblitz I chose to do one in my home of Virginia Beach. I came home for the weekend after our game, so figured might as well do it back home! I decided it’d be most interesting to… Continue Reading →

Visual Assignment

  For this assignment all I could find to take a picture of was a cup. So I figured I’d start from there and see where it took me. I used GIMP to draw a face on it using the… Continue Reading →

Visual Assignment- Album Cover

This assignment was a lot of fun and dangerous for me. I chose this because I really liked the idea of just using random things to create my album. It also challenged my creativity which was interesting. Of course, I… Continue Reading →

Visual Assignment- Old vs. New

In this visual assignment, we had to superimpose and old photo onto a new one.  For this, I chose my home city of Virginia Beach and the classic pictures of the oceanfront. I knew there has been a lot of… Continue Reading →

Visual Assignment- Quote

I really enjoyed this assignment as this gave me a chance to find a quote I really enjoyed, and make something out of it. The quote I chose to use was one that has inspired me throughout my research and… Continue Reading →

The Last Supper, BROTHER

“God created the heaven,he created the earth! He created all the Hulkamaniacs! Then, he created a set of 24-inch pythons, BROTHER!” Hulk Hogan I’ve kind of been on a Hulk Hogan fix lately.

Weekly Summary IV

Another busy week! And another week I waited way too long to do this (I completely pushed it too far this week). Luckily, I think I have my life together now and should be better next week! So what have… Continue Reading →

Hulk Hogan Interview Audio Assaignment

This was a very fun assignment. When I went down looking at the celebrities, I had to choose my BROTHER, Hulk Hogan. I wish I had given myself more time to complete this and learn Audacity, but overall I really… Continue Reading →

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